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Cycling: Lance Armstrong settles US$100m US government lawsuit for less
April 19, 2018 (20:00) [ Indexed from New Zealand Herald ]
Lance Armstrong has reached a US$5 million settlement with the federal government in a whistleblower lawsuit that could have sought US$100 million in damages from the cyclist who was stripped of his record seven Tour de France victories... More...
Lance Armstrong settles $100M lawsuit with US government
April 19, 2018 (20:00) [ Indexed from New Zealand Herald ]
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) " Lance Armstrong reached a $5 million settlement with the federal government in a whistleblower lawsuit that could have sought $100 million in damages from the cyclist who was stripped of his record seven Tour... More...
Lance Armstrong leads tributes after cyclist Michael Goolaerts dies following heart attack in Paris race
April 09, 2018 (20:00) [ Indexed from ]
The 23-year-old had been airlifted to hospital in Lille after receiving CPR at the roadside following a crash during the 257-kilometre race More...
New Zealand brewery cans Armstrong ad campaign
August 21, 2017 (20:00) [ Indexed from New Zealand Herald ]
WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) " A New Zealand brewery has canned a planned advertising campaign featuring disgraced American cyclist Lance Armstrong.Lion Breweries flew Armstrong to New Zealand last year to film the campaign for... More...
Lion says 'on yer bike' to Lance Armstrong campaign
August 19, 2017 (20:00) [ Indexed from New Zealand Herald ]
By Neil Reid Lion have scrapped its much-vaunted promotional campaign featuring drugs cheat Lance Armstrong.The brewing giants brought the disgraced cyclist to New Zealand late last year to film a marketing campaign with the working... More...
Prance Armstrong: Tiny horse dreams big, enters cycling race
August 05, 2017 (20:00) [ Indexed from New Zealand Herald ]
It was the Tour de Prance!The Tour of Poland took an unexpected twist when an escaped pony entered the race 100km from the finish line.The group of riders were cruising along at a stable speed when the fluffy pony jumped from... More...
Armstrongs Colorado Classic podcast could violate his ban from cycling
August 05, 2017 (20:00) [ Indexed from ]
The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has raised concerns that Lance Armstrongs official presence at next weeks Colorado Classic race to record a daily podcast could violate the Texans lifetime ban for doping and threaten the sanctioning of the event. The race announced that Armstrongs podcast would help us connect with that serious cycling audience. However, the news lead to complaints about Armstrongs presence and forced officials to scrutinise the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) code concerning a banned athletes Ineligibility, especially the rule concerning the participation in any capacity in a Competition or activity. The UCI anti-doing rules state that the term activity also includes administrative activities, such as serving as an official, director, officer, employee, or volunteer of the organization. Armstrong was given a life-ban for doping during his career and was stripped of his seven Tour de France victories. He began his Stages podcast during the Tour de France and it quickly attracted a significant following and gave the disgraced Texan a voice in the sport. Armstrong produced his Tour de France podcast from Texas and in Aspen without being accredited as media at the Tour de France. However his presence and official links to the Colorado Classic, even as part of the media, sparked question about his life-time ban from the sport.ADVERTISEMENT USADA addressed the matter in a short statement late on Friday. Under the WADA Code, an ineligible individual may not have an official role in relation to a sanctioned event such as the Colorado Classic. USADA has received complaints about this and after reviewing the matter has advised the Colorado Classic on the applicable rules, a USADA spokesperson told Cyclingnews. This has reportedly forced the event organisers to revaluate Armstrongs links to the race, but no final decision on Armstrongs presence has been decided. We have been informed of rules that could limit broadcast of the Stages podcast from the upcoming Colorado Classic, race spokesperson Curtis Hubbard told the Denver Post newspaper in a statement. We are seeking additional guidance and will make a decision on how to proceed after further consultation with USADA and producers of the podcast. The spokesperson explained that the race has engaged in a media partnership with Armstrong that includes covering specific expenses related to the podcast but had no input with regard to its contents. You can read more at More...
Armstrong's Tour de France insights make compelling listening
July 23, 2017 (20:00) [ Indexed from New Zealand Herald ]
"Man, I have seen this movie," drawls a familiar voice. "The ending is s***. [Dave] Brailsford needs to put the shovel down and stop digging."This has been an interesting Tour de France in many ways. The battle for the yellow jersey... More...
Tour de France: Lance Armstrong saddened by Bennett withdrawal, but still a believer
July 19, 2017 (20:00) [ Indexed from New Zealand Herald ]
Kiwi George Bennett may be gone from the Tour de France, but he still has a big fan in seven-time winner Lance Armstrong.After several days of illness, Bennett dropped out of the French classic early on today's Stage 16, unable... More...
Tour de France: Lance Armstrong tips Kiwi George Bennett as future winner
July 13, 2017 (20:00) [ Indexed from New Zealand Herald ]
And in the category of damning with faint praise ... fallen Tour de France hero Lance Armstrong has tipped Kiwi George Bennett as a future winner of the great cycle race.After his 10th-place finish at last year's Vuelta a Espaa... More...
Drug injected by Lance Armstrong 'does not boost performance'
June 29, 2017 (20:00) [ Indexed from New Zealand Herald ]
By Henry Bodkin in LondonWhen in 2012, cyclist Lance Armstrong finally confessed to the most "sophisticated, professionalised and successful" doping programme the world had ever seen, he became sport's ultimate bogeyman.His admission... More...
Serial drug cheat Lance Armstrong wades into UCI presidential election debate
June 20, 2017 (20:00) [ Indexed from ]
Armstrong, who was stripped of his seven Yellow Jerseys after being unmasked as a serial drug cheat fuelled by banned blood-booster EPO, has waded into the presidential election at world governing body UCI More...
Lance Armstrong's lawyers want LeMond and Betsy Andreu to be excluded as witnesses in fraud trial
June 20, 2017 (20:00) [ Indexed from ]
Lance Armstrongs legal team has requested that Greg LeMond and Betsy Andreu be excluded from providing evidence as part of the US federal governments fraud case against him, which is due to go to trial in November. Armstrongs attorneys are also seeking to prevent USADAs 2012 Reasoned Decision, which detailed his doping and saw him stripped of his seven Tour de France wins, from being presented as evidence in the case. The federal government is suing Armstrong on behalf on the US Postal Service, which is seeking the return of the $32.3 million that Armstrongs team received in sponsorship between 2000 and 2004. The final figure could be tripled under the False Claims Act if it is decreed that the sponsorship was obtained fraudulently due to Armstrongs doping. As the whistle blower in the federal case, Floyd Landis stands to receive a portion of the damages if the governments case is successful.ADVERTISEMENT According to USA Today, Armstrongs attorneys from the Keker Van Nest & Peter firm have filed documents objecting to LeMond and Andreu serving as witnesses in Novembers trial. LeMond and Andreu were among those to accuse Armstrong of doping long before his belated confession in January 2013. While LeMond is well-versed in the prevalence of doping throughout the sport during the relevant time period (1997-2004) and still owns the record for the fastest time trial in Tour de France history, he has no personal knowledge regarding Armstrong, the USPS sponsorship agreement, or invoices submitted for sponsorship payments, Armstrongs legal team wrote of LeMond. A similar objection was lodged against Betsy Andreu, the wife of Armstrongs former teammate Frankie. She has been and remains a long-time vocal critic of Armstrong, appearing on television whenever possible to criticize him, and attributing to Armstrong her husbands lack of greater success in his career after being a cyclist, Armstrongs attorneys wrote. She has no relevant testimony to offer and she should not be permitted to testify in this case, or use it as a soapbox for impugning Armstrongs character. You can read more at More...
Lance Armstrong, US government battle over experts in looming fraud case
June 14, 2017 (20:00) [ Indexed from ]
The US federal 'whistleblower' case against Lance Armstrong is set to go to trial in November, and Armstrong's attorneys and those of the US government are already locked in battle over what experts each side will be allowed to call upon for testimony. Armstrong was the target of a federal False Claims Act lawsuit brought by former teammate Floyd Landis in 2010 under the assertion that the former cycling star's doping constituted fraud against the government. Should he lose, Armstrong could owe up to $100 million, and Landis would be due a cut of the damages. Armstrong won the Tour de France in 1999, and with owners Tailwind Sports subsequently negotiated a larger sponsorship deal for the 2000 season. Armstrong fended off multiple accusations of doping throughout his seven-year Tour de France run, but escaped punishment until 2012, when the US Anti-Doping Agency issued an official anti-doping rule violation against him and five others. Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned, then subsequently confessed to doping in 2013.ADVERTISEMENT The government asserts that the US Postal Service's sponsorship had no value because Armstrong and some of his teammates doped, then lied about it to keep the money coming in. Armstrong's attorneys have long argued that the US Postal Service got far more in marketing value from its sponsorship than the $32.2 million it paid the team from 2000-2004. The government lawyers questioned the competence of Armstrong's expert witness, Douglas Kidder, who calculated the value of the US Postal Service exposure thanks to the team at $257 million. You can read more at More...
Hein Verbruggen passes away
June 14, 2017 (20:00) [ Indexed from ]
Former UCI president Hein Verbruggen has died at the age of 75. He passed away on Tuesday evening after battling leukaemia. The Dutchman was the president of cyclings governing body between 1991 and 2005, and was appointed honorary chairman following his retirement, a position he held until his death. Verbruggen took over as president from Luis Puig in 1991 and was succeeded by Pat McQuaid. His 15 years at the helm the UCI coincided with a period in professional road cycling in which doping was rife, with the Festina Affair in 1998 seeing things reach crisis point, and Lance Armstrong going on to win seven straight Tour de France titles, all of which would later be stripped from the record books.ADVERTISEMENT The repercussions continued well into Verbruggens time as honorary president, as Armstrongs doping was laid bare by a USADA investigation in 2012. Most damaging to Verbruggens legacy and reputation was testimony from former Armstrong teammates, Floyd Landis, Tyler Hamilton and Jonathan Vaughters, who all swore under oath that Armstrong told them he could have anti-doping tests nullified by the UCI. Verbruggen often had to resort to the courts to defend his reputation from corruption allegations, notably winning a protracted and fractious defamation case against the Irish journalist Paul Kimmage. After Brian Cookson succeeded McQuaid as UCI president, Verbruggen came close to losing his honorary title. He was criticised by the Cycling Independent Reform Commission report of 2015, but lodged a complaint with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Ethics Commission and held on to his title against Cooksons will. " Brian Cookson OBE (@BrianCooksonUCI) June 14, 2017 You can read more at More...
Lance Armstrong announces engagement to Hansen
May 26, 2017 (20:00) [ Indexed from New Zealand Herald ]
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) " Cyclist Lance Armstrong has announced his engagement to longtime partner Anna Hansen.The couple has been together nearly a decade and have two children. Armstrong announced Wednesday on social media that he'd... More...
Cycling: Lance Armstrong reveals his biggest regret
March 09, 2017 (20:00) [ Indexed from New Zealand Herald ]
Lance Armstrong has revealed what he regrets most during a career spent rebuffing accusations of doping.After years of denying taking performance drugs, in 2013 the disgraced cyclist finally admitted to taking banned substances... More...
Lance Armstrong to face trial in November
February 23, 2017 (20:00) [ Indexed from New Zealand Herald ]
Lance Armstrong's US$100 million (NZ$138m) legal fight with the federal government has been set for a November trial.US District Judge Christopher Cooper on Thursday set a Nov. 6 trial start in Washington.Armstrong's legal team... More...
Lance Armstrong faces November trial in $100 million lawsuit
February 23, 2017 (20:00) [ Indexed from New Zealand Herald ]
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) " Lance Armstrong's $100 million legal fight with the federal government has been set for a November trial.U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper on Thursday set a Nov. 6 trial start in Washington. Armstrong's... More...
Facing lawsuit, Armstrong says he 'loved' wearing Postal
February 23, 2017 (20:00) [ Indexed from New Zealand Herald ]
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) " Former cyclist Lance Armstrong says he "loved" representing the U.S. Postal Service, even as the government sues to get back the millions it spent sponsoring his teams.After years of legal wrangling, the federal... More...

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